Welcome to the Investigating the Social World, 8th edition blog site!!

Investigating is a special textbook.  In each chapter, you’ll find clear explanations of classic and new social research methods combined with engaging discussions of current issues in the social world.

Investigating’s 8th edition has many new features and a remarkably fresh look.  You will find in it the latest developments in research methods, the best practices in pedagogy, and the most engaging substantive examples.

  • New sections on “big data,” social network analysis, and policy research
  • A new chapter on mixed methods with related articles available on our study site
  • New “Careers and Research” highlights and “Research That Matters” article vignettes
  • Enriched content on web surveys and other forms of online research; on Milgram’s ethics, ethical challenges in qualitative research, and IRB review; on visual methods and the history of major methods
  • Reorganized presentations of types of reliability, sources of internal validity, and qualitative data analysis
  • Questions to prompt discussion on highlighted research articles, news stories, and researcher interviews
  • More exercises, journal articles, and other study aids on the study site
  • A remarkably attractive and colorful layout, with many exhibits and a clear division into sections

This blog provides additional connections to enhance learning research methods. There will be regular updates about the methods and social issues in each chapter, as well as fresh content related to the special chapter features:

  • Research That Matters
  • Research in the News
  • Careers and Research

Stay tuned and keep learning!

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