The joys of electronic media

With all due respect to the research that suggests reading on paper results in better understanding and learning…, it’s hard to resist the appeal of a well-constructed e-book.  Consider chapter 1 of Investigating the Social World:  It’s an introduction to the appeal and logic of social research, with examples from research about the internet and social relations.  So why not learn by doing?

You can start the chapter by discussing the Research That Matters vignette on research about Wi-Fi use and then linking out to the complete article.  Many questions about social research methods will arise with an overview of that article and the process of questioning–and discussing the questions–will help to establish an active learning spirit for the course.  An audio link on p. 5 about social media provides a way to stay focused on social research while walking to class (but watch your step!).

Throughout the chapter, more links to journal articles, videos, audio segments, interviews with researchers, and encyclopedia entries help to reinforce key concepts and enrich understanding.  On p. 17, there is a link to interactive exercises that will help understanding of the different types of research. Different strokes for different folks!

With the e-book version, it’s as easy as point-and-click!

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